Welcome to the official personal website of
Doug Constable.


Doug is a director at Doug Constable Group.


This website is for all non business engagements.


For public engagements, news media, and commentary.


Welcome to the personal website of Doug Constable

+ Doug is a director at Doug Constable Group.

+ This website is for all non business engagements.

+ Public engagements, news media, and commentary.


Doug-ConstableDoug has a wealth of experience and expertise,

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Welcome to the Official Doug Constable | Douglas Constable Website

Douglas Constable, affectionately known as “Doug” is a director at Carlton Ross Advisers & Consultants.


Doug Constable’s Accomplishments

Doug has made his mark as an insolvency expert and is the author of “What to do When You Can’t Pay Your Debts”.

His primary work, Carlton Ross, is a business management resource and services company to help business owners at any stage of their business.

With over 50 years business experience, Doug’s assisted clients to see a complete picture of their business and financial circumstances and provided simple, smart solutions to keep people moving forward.

Doug is backed with a network of skilled accountants, solicitors, financial planners and finance brokers.

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One negative comment needs seven positive comments just to balance it out, in your own mind and how you feel about yourself. This is something that i learnt years ago….

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Should you pay fines even if they're not yours?

Doug Constable, Doug on Debt

The most common reason business fails isn't always cash flow, profit or debt; it's book keeping.

Doug Constable, Doug on Debt

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Doug Constable, Doug on Debt

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Doug Constable, Doug on Debt

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