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The personal website of Doug Constable - pre-insolvency advisor in Melbourne.

Advisor & Speaker

Doug Constable is a Melbourne pre-insolvency advisor specialising in helping business with cashflow difficulties. He is a professional bankruptcy and insolvency expert and the author of “What to do When You Can’t Pay Your Debts”.

Doug Constable

Public Speaker

Doug has helped his clients get through tough times for over 50 years.

As a business speaker and a pre-insolvency professional with decades of experience, Doug has the ability to communicate his success in a way that can make that special difference to your business.


Visit YouTube DOUG ON DEBT

Everybody goes through problems with debt. Whether it be business, personal or property debt, there are solutions. On my YouTube channel we discuss many of the issues you can face. We put it all out on the table!

Listen to Doug Constable, an experienced pre-insolvency advisor, about to tackle your financial problems.

Endorsement Advice

Talk to Doug about the advantages and pitfalls of product and/or brand endorsements.

Doug Constable On: Debt Solutions

Debt is an issue that many Australians face, which ranges from mild to severe. There are also many ways that you can deal with debt. The best solution for you will depend on many factors!

Doug Constable

In Financial Trouble?

This book is about bankruptcy (personal) and insolvency (company) and how it works and the stories of other people and how they dealt with it. It’s a guide book if you like, to help you avoid financial calamities.

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I love helping small business tackle financial problems.

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