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December 2015

RE: Exploitative Gouging Stand Over Tactics of Randal Glennon of Three Wise Men, Response to Cameron Houston and Chris Vedelago article SMH Sydney Morning Herald

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How to Not Pay Your Debts author, Doug Constable, in debt again



  • This headline assertion is false and misleading. Doug was not in debt.
  • Randal Glennon and his company Three Wise Men were paid.
  • The title of the book is now “What to do When You Can’t Pay Your Debts”.
  • An invoice issued by Randal Glennon, director at Three Wise Men Communications Pty Ltd, totalled $18,000. See 50% invoice pdf.
  • The Randal Glennon Three Wise Men $18,000 invoice was for a marketing campaign including website and email marketing to generate leads.
  • Randal Glennon’s $18,000 invoice was exploitative and gouging as it failed to deliver on contractual obligations.
  • Randal Glennon’s invoice was extremely overpriced, extremely under-delivered, unreasonable, exploitative, a gouge, unfair and un-Australian.
  • As a result it is Randal Glennon and Three Wise Men Communications Pty Ltd that is in debt for work owed.
  • Randal of Three Wise Men is expected to repay the sum.

June 28, 2015



  • Cameron Houston and Chris Vedelago have written this article in a biased and distasteful way.

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