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Doug Constable Asks for Evidence RE: Cameron Houston and Chris Vedelago’s False Statements SMH Sydney Morning Herald The Age Melbourne

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“Insolvency expert, self-help author uses senior Bandido to settle debts”

1. The information provided here notably “Bandido” by Cameron Houston and Chris Vedelago is used to embellish the article.

“Doug Constable claims to be an “insolvency expert”, who helps ailing businesses stave off creditors and avoid bankruptcy.
The 66-year-old businessman, who wrote a book called How to Not Pay Your Debts, says he is “passionate about helping people draw a line in the sand in times of financial distress”.”

2.The information provided here by Cameron Houston and Chris Vedelago is used to embellish the article, notably helping businesses “stave off” creditors. Please provide evidence.

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An open letter to Cameron Houston SMH Sydney Morning Herald The Age Melbourne

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Doug Constable

An open letter to Cameron Houston

Good afternoon Cameron,

After your phone call Thursday afternoon, I had the opportunity to reflect on your questions and comments.

It has reminded me of our last phone discussion in June last year.

As a result of that discussion you wrote an article with a particular slant or angle, you neglected to point out I had been threatened by Peter Hiscock, I was unhappy with the work of Randal Glennon of the Three Wise Men, the logo presented to me was a copy of a logo already being used and some of the content was plagiarised.

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Chris Collier Standover Tactics and Using the Media to Get His Way….Chris “The Con Man” Collier.

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Doug Constable

In 2014 Christopher Collier first met Doug Constable when Collier responded to an ad Doug’s company ran on radio for people who had a debt problem.

Doug met Chris Collier at a pub in Hawthorn. Chris didn’t want current employer “Guild Insurance”, also located in Hawthorn, to know he was working in another business concurrently.

Doug explained what had to be done next with Collier’s failing business.

At this time Doug also referred Chris Collier to a Mortgage Broker.

Ultimately Doug found there was no trading Chris Collier’s failing company Cobb & Co Clocks out of its crisis.

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