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August 2017

Presenter Doug Constable on The Hot Dog Story

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So the hot dog story. I would have heard this 30-40 years ago. And It’s something I try to remember. It’s a humorous story but it’s got a very good message to it. And it relates back to after the war and of course there are a number of settlers that came to America of all different ethnic backgrounds and came and settled in America. And one of those couples that came to America and virtually had nothing. They settled near a major road. And there was this old store that had been closed down and all they could afford was to rent the couple of rooms that were above it. And so they rented these rooms and they were thinking what are we going to do for a living and the wife went out and did some did some housework and the husband did a bit of labouring and then they thought about it for a little while and the husband was renowned for making beautiful hot dogs, lovely hot dogs, you know with the mustard and those hot dogs that have got the hole in the middle and you heat the roll up and you put the hot dog down the middle of it with the sauce, fresh bread. They were absolutely magnificent hot dogs. So they started doing that and they thought well put a little stand at the front and sell these hot dogs to the cars going past. And they put a little stand at the front and then they started making Cordial to go with the hot dogs and then they started selling soft drinks and the business got bigger and bigger and bigger and ultimately they went to the landlord and said, “Could we rent the downstairs?” And they actually opened a hot dog shop, here on the high side of the road.

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How Pygmies Catch Alligators

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One of the things to think about is when you’re being confronted by a situation whether it be: an angry creditors, someone after you for money or someone that you disagreeing with, is what approach you are going to take. And, You can either take the oaktree approach where you stand up and you just are going to withhold it and not bend and not flex or you can take the palm tree approach where you bend and go with the wind and just go backwards and forwards and rock until the storm passes.

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Reputation ~ They are Seeing You Through Their Eyes, Their Experiences

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One of things I find is that a lot of people concern themselves the about their reputation. Now to me reputation is how other people see you. But they are seeing you through their eyes and their experiences. So what happens is if you get pulled over by the police for speeding their immediate thing is to react how other people who have been pulled over have acted and some of them have been not so nice people, so the police are on guard.

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