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July 2018

Presenter Doug Constable on The Inner Sanctum of a Business Commentators vs Opinionators

By | Doug Constable

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Everyone’s got an opinion on a business. Now, it’s a little bit like a commentator, an opinionator, and a coach, isn’t it?

It’s that when the business isn’t going well, one of the things that I see is where the owner of the business will go and talk to their brother, for example. But what happens is, the owner of the business has an opinion, has a feeling. So when he’s talking to the brother, he’s saying these are the problems. But they are the problems as the owner of the business sees them, not necessarily the business’ problems; It’s how he reflects on it. So what advice we seek will be based on the other person’s experiences and what we’ve told them, not necessarily the facts of the business.

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