Chris Collier Standover Tactics and Using the Media to Get His Way….Chris “The Con Man” Collier.

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Doug Constable

In 2014 Christopher Collier first met Doug Constable when Collier responded to an ad Doug’s company ran on radio for people who had a debt problem.

Doug met Chris Collier at a pub in Hawthorn. Chris didn’t want current employer “Guild Insurance”, also located in Hawthorn, to know he was working in another business concurrently.

Doug explained what had to be done next with Collier’s failing business.

At this time Doug also referred Chris Collier to a Mortgage Broker.

Ultimately Doug found there was no trading Chris Collier’s failing company Cobb & Co Clocks out of its crisis.

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Chris Collier’s Cobb & Co Clocks had to be liquidated.

Liquidation was arranged with the wholehearted agreement from Chris Collier.

Although efforts were made to trade out of the crisis, Christopher Collier was saved from total business and personal wealth failure by Doug’s work to salvage through liquidation.

However, Chris did not want to pay the liquidation and management costs, and so, Chris Collier offered to do some marketing for Doug’s company.

Doug allowed his company to take a hit on the costs of Chris Collier’s business demise on the proviso Collier successfully completed marketing works as agreed.

A fresh start for Chris Collier

Cobb and Co Clocks was in liquidation and Chris Collier had a job at “Guild Insurance” in Hawthorn as their Marketing Manager.

In a meeting with Chris Collier, Doug explained how he had spent a lot of money on marketing in the past but had very little results.

Chris explained that he was “all over it” and would relish in a new opportunity to work for Doug in his new lease on ‘career’ life.

Chris explained he could work in tandem while at Guild Insurance, he further explained in no uncertain terms, he was the man for the job!

Doug’s company went on to assist liquidation of Collier’s failed business Cobb and Co Clocks.

Collier’s company at the time held $110,000 to $150,000 worth of stock which Chris claimed he had personally paid for.

Doug explained that if it belonged to Cobb and Co Clocks then that would make it a part of the liquidation. Alternatively, Chris could claim it was his and argue with the liquidator and maybe buy it back.  Chris chose to not declare it and ‘see what happens’.

As time would tell Doug lost heavily at the hands of Chris “The Con Man” Collier.  Doug’s associated company was a creditor to Collier’s failed venture and was paid back 0 cents in the dollar.

Collier as self proclaimed ‘marketing guru’ working for Doug spoke regularly.

Ultimately Chris Collier desired more involvement with Doug’s company, as Chris explained he had reached his limit at Guild.

On 15th June 2015 Doug employed Collier on a near full time basis.

Collier boasted his pay packet was $180,000.00 at Guild Insurance. Collier told Doug that for Collier to continue working in a marketing role for Doug, Collier’s wife would require a wage increase as well as a portion to be paid directly to Collier’s wife to avoid tax. Rejected by Doug.

In order to facilitate Chris Collier’s request Doug discussed with Collier what would be required to increase the business to pay him that amount. Doug produced a spreadsheet for Collier with the required production output to be able to afford to pay him.

Collier reviewed and without a second thought responded “I can do this” and it was agreed.

Collier would start work immediately, in Collier’s words “hit the ground running”.

Collier immediately employed the services of his mate at “Three Wise Men” to do the marketing work, copywriting, artwork, website design.

Collier professed the importance of the website with the importance of where the business was generated from and the importance of the conversion of these types of leads.

Collier gave his brief to his mates at Three Wise Men and he was away!

Doug presented Collier with a budget for the Google Adwords (Internet Ads), Collier told Doug “that would be plenty”.

By the time Collier had to punch in a 9 to 5 day Collier was already in breach of his employment agreement, changing rules and conditions to suit Collier and his wife, but he still demanded to be paid even though according to Doug’s company Collier was not producing at the agreed level.

As Chris Collier explained; “I have a holiday booked”.

Collier added; “I must work for Guild Insurance for an extra 2 weeks, as Guild has a project running that I want to score a bonus for.”

By the time Collier had begun employment for Doug he was already a-wall.  Collier racked up thousands in bills with 3rd parties. With no oversight from Collier, no leads, no results from the Collier expenditure, and especially Collier nowhere to be seen.

And so the fallout from the Collier way of doing business begins.

In late June 2015, Doug is contacted by a private investigator to extract money for Collier’s mates at Three Wise Men, moreover for Three Wise Men services that were not delivered.

At this point Doug was threatened by the PI representing Three Wise Men.

Chris Collier was called upon to get things back on track. Unfortunately for Doug, Collier was not able to work due his unscheduled yet booked holiday, however Collier did remark; “Although the work done by Three Wise Men wasn’t what I wanted, you could use this and rewrite it to suit, so pay it when you can.”

Leaving disarray in his wake, Chris Collier’s empty promises and start stop work ethic earned him the nickname around Doug’s company. “Chris The Con Man Collier”

“Chris The Con Man Collier’s” legacy;

  • No increase in sales.
  • No leads.
  • Excessive bills.
  • An undertone of extortion.

Next, Doug’s company was contacted by Cameron Houston of SMH The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age Melbourne.

Cameron called leaving a message “I would like to talk to you about acquiring your services”

Chris Collier, back and fresh from his bonus stint at Guild Insurance, returned Cameron’s message. Cameron explained that he had been referred to Doug’s company by a client in Docklands, Cameron only wanted to talk to Doug.

On the 26th of June 2015 Doug returned Cameron’s request for a call back. Very quickly it became apparent Cameron Houston was lying, Cameron had no intention of acquiring any services from Doug, Cameron was a journalist. Cameron Houston best mates with PI and Randal Glennon of Three Wise Men.

How does this work?

  1. Chris Collier > (2) Randal Glennon > (3) Private Investigator > (4) Cameron Houston > and repeat.
  1. Chris Collier “The Con Man”, salesman.
    1. Chris, mates with Randal.
  2. Randal Glennon “The Under Deliver and Overcharger” design and marketing services for Three Wise Men.
    1. PI and Randal, best mates with Cameron.
  3. PI Private Investigator
    1. Best mates with Cameron.
  4. Cameron Houston “The fictitious story writer”

Cameron Houston’s intentions were to sell a newspaper story off the back of Doug, in the form story amped up and biased.  Cameron Houston creates a start, middle, end, a good guy and a bad guy. Differing views and evidence are pushed aside by Cameron because without a bad guy there is no story to sell.

Question after question, firing off like an automatic gun, Cameron Houston was aggressive.

As a designer story, Cameron had to rewrite the facts, after impromptu question time Cameron told Doug that he knew the threatening Private Investigator, Cameron went on “He’s not like that”.

Cameron brushed aside Doug’s answers, these views do not make for a good story;

Cameron Houston’s article came out on the following Monday.

Doug was contacted by the PI at approximately 10.30am he immediately asked “have you read the article”.

Doug said “No.”

The PI swiftly responded “Liar, your phone would have been ringing off the hook.”

So Doug bought a newspaper and read the article.

Doug reviewed with Chris Collier and arranged to meet with the PI.

The PI made it very clear, the articles will not stop until Randal Glennon of the Three Wise Men are paid. Doug responded “I’m not happy with the work”.

Collier intervenes and suggested a payment arrangement with the PI.

Doug reluctantly agreed.

Post meeting in further discussion with the PI, the PI informs Doug that he’d worked with Guild Insurance (Collier’s employer) before to recover insurance claims. Furthermore he had been in contact with Collier’s boss at Guild Insurance and was informed Chris was on the chopping block, Guild Insurance were not going to renew Chris’s contract, their reason said by the PI was that Collier had been moonlighting working Doug’s company.

Finishing up

Threewisemen would not be getting any more work from Doug.

No indication that Chris was up to speed with marketing.

The $18,000 for Three Wise Men, did not produce copywriting required.

Produced no sales.

The $6000 that was due for the website had produced no sales and no leads.

The $3500 to Marketing Results had produced nothing.

Chris Collier wanted to be paid from Doug’s normal cash flow.

Collier wanted the company to honour its commitment to pay although he was contracted by Doug’s company for the required increase in turnover to cover his cost. This was Collier’s agreement.

Doug has since found the people doing the work were all Chris Collier’s mates.


Cameron Houston today has asked Doug for ‘any comment’ regarding Cameron’s intention to publish a story in the SMH Sydney Morning Herald and The Age Melbourne.

Doug has responded to Cameron with the link to this article.
Let’s see if Cameron Houston can exhibit journalistic integrity, unbiased, and no defamation.

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