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By September 9, 2016Blog

Doug Constable

An open letter to Cameron Houston

Good afternoon Cameron,

After your phone call Thursday afternoon, I had the opportunity to reflect on your questions and comments.

It has reminded me of our last phone discussion in June last year.

As a result of that discussion you wrote an article with a particular slant or angle, you neglected to point out I had been threatened by Peter Hiscock, I was unhappy with the work of Randal Glennon of the Three Wise Men, the logo presented to me was a copy of a logo already being used and some of the content was plagiarised.

#PeterHiscock #RandalGlennon #ThreeWiseMen #RandalGlennonPlagiarised

These omissions only strengthened the case that a debt was outstanding and as you had been approached by Randal Glennon and/or his agent it suited the agenda to get me to pay.

Subsequently the amount was paid under protest, it was paid on the basis that there would be no further articles. The terms of settle provided in email dated 3rd July to Peter Hiscock and his responding email confirm this. Either you weren’t a party to that agreement or Peter misrepresented in the case to pay.

I also note that you were contacted by a creditor of a company I had been assisting and 19 minutes later Peter Hiscock contacted me to let me know, and telling me to “settle the debt quickly or it is going to get worse.”

Clearly Peter was engaged to intimidate and threaten me, which he did, and you were a part of it either knowingly or by default.

That brings me to the current article you are writing albeit Peter’s confirmation there would be no more articles.

Chris Collier was originally a client of Carlton Ross he couldn’t pay the bill so he offered to do some marketing work for us. He didn’t pay his bill.

#ChrisCollier #ChrisCollierLiquidation

Chris placed his company into liquidation and withheld the stock from the liquidator, his claim was that he had personally paid for it. However, he transferred money in his capacity of trustee for his super fund to the company for it to be paid. As such this would normally be treated as a loan to the company and the stock remain the asset of the company for distribution to the creditors. A phoenix company and withdrawal of super for personal or company use is illegal – Chris knew this which is confirmed in an email from him dated 23rd September 2014. He avoided paying his debt.

Chris asked us to assist him as he was in default on his credit cards. As a company many hours were spent. Chris never paid.

It would appear from your comments and email the thrust of your article is Double Standards, how I work in the insolvency industry have written a book and didn’t pay my debts.

If you look at the facts as opposed to a story with an angle

  1. Parlay Consulting act ethically you do not suggest he threatened my Debtor (Chris).
  1. Parlay Consulting were engaged by me to resolve an amount of $4600 only after I had been threatened by Luke.
  1. There was only the initial contact after that everything has been handle by solicitors.
  1. Cameron your contacts and the people you have a relationship with used intimidation and bullying, with your knowledge. We did not.
  1. Chris has a documented history of not paying, hiding assets, and dishonestly transferring funds. Are you saying because I wrote a book, work in the industry and didn’t pay debts I have no right to act within the law and request payment?
  1. As of this morning Chris has not disputed the work he engaged us to do.

In further response to your comments I have been incorrectly quoted by you “engaging Mr Stephen Gillingham to recover two debts”. I engaged Parlay Consulting to negotiate a settlement for 1 debt and after being threatened, to negotiate the payment for Luke.

Your claim that I have refused to pay debts is also incorrect.

Just as you have, and many other Australians I become disappointed when I don’t receive the goods I thought I was paying for. We all have the right to question the payment.

If there is a dispute that can’t be handled between two parties, we have a court system with an independent umpire. In writing your first article you used verbal evidence from Randal and Peter and ignored factual evidence from me. Talk about a kangaroo court. You got the result.

Randal Glennon visited Docklands, where Glennon believed my office to be. Upon conversing with the receptionist, the receptionist revealed that I was no longer leased the office and thus no longer paying rent. Your claim that I owe rent money is incorrect.

As I did yesterday I am willing to meet with you and provide all the evidence, as your associate Peter Hiscock will tell you I don’t avoid issues and tell it warts and all.

Douglas Constable



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