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Presenter Doug Constable on The Inner Sanctum of a Business Commentators vs Opinionators

By | Doug Constable

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Everyone’s got an opinion on a business. Now, it’s a little bit like a commentator, an opinionator, and a coach, isn’t it?

It’s that when the business isn’t going well, one of the things that I see is where the owner of the business will go and talk to their brother, for example. But what happens is, the owner of the business has an opinion, has a feeling. So when he’s talking to the brother, he’s saying these are the problems. But they are the problems as the owner of the business sees them, not necessarily the business’ problems; It’s how he reflects on it. So what advice we seek will be based on the other person’s experiences and what we’ve told them, not necessarily the facts of the business.

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Presenter Doug Constable on Commentators vs Opinionators AFL Football, Rex Hunt

By | Doug Constable

Hi, I’m Doug Constable. And for those who know me, know I’m a passionate Carlton supporter. And what I’d like to do today is talk about commentators, and media personalities, and football.

And one of the things that’s interested me over the last couple of weeks, is that Rex Hunt who used to be really well-known, excellent football, really well-known in the media circles, came back and did a guest commentary on weekend.

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Presenter Doug Constable on Financial Trouble – Vive La Difference Supportive Partner At Home

By | Doug Constable

Hi, I’m Doug Constable. And many years ago I heard a recording called ‘Vive La Difference’. And in that recording, one of the things that stuck home to me was where he said, “Behind every great man, there’s a woman. The only problem is, too often it’s not his wife.” Now, in today’s terminology, I guess what we would be saying is “Behind every successful person, there is another person. The only problem is too often it’s not his partner.”

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Presenter Doug Constable on Bankruptcy and Trustees

By | Doug Constable

Over the years, I have dealt with a large number of trustees, and whether you go for a private trustee or a government trustee, really depends on your own personal situation. The underlying thing I’ve found with trustees, is to find one that you can talk to and you can deal with. If you leave it up to your creditors to bankrupt you, and they put in their own trustee, they are going to be very aggressive.

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Things are never as bad as they seem, Things are never as good as they seem

By | Doug Constable

Things are never as bad as they seem and things are never as good as they seem. And it reminds me of a particular couple that I had, that they were living in a rented house. And they were renovating the house to stay on the street, and they wanted to keep the house. So 2 years down the road, they’re panicking, “Oh, we haven’t got the money! We’re going to lose the whole lot,” and it all goes on and on and on. And it’s doom and gloom.n

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Winning an Argument with Creditors and Solicitors

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One of the things I have realized over the time, when we’re negotiating with creditors and in actual fact when we are negotiating or dealing with things in life, is that there are no winners in an argument, whether it be our partners, whether it be our children, our parents. As soon as you get into an argument what we’re trying to do is to try and prove that the other person is wrong and that we are right. Now, from our point of view we’ll be right but if we accept the other person’s point of view from theirs is right, then we get a lot further.

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