Presenter Doug Constable on AFL GRAND FINAL 2018 2 SEASONS

By February 14, 2019Doug Constable

It’s interesting to note that the footballs like two season, one is the season to get to the finals and the other one is this September season where we play finals. The teams that have been the most successful and ultimately won the Premiership are the ones that have played well in September. The last couple you’ve had Footscray and the Bulldogs and you’ve had Richmond and bad teams that have come from nowhere the season before and certainly with the Tigers last year, the preceeding season there was a lot of noise out there for their coach. As a club they’ve been able to turn it around together a good AFL season that’s got them into the final series and then put together a good final series and it was like that the season before with the Bulldogs but they were able to play in the finals and not even in the top for being the finals and then proceed to put a good September together and ultimately win the flair.



And here we are this year, with a couple of teams still in the race when we’re down to the last four and there’s Richmond last year’s premiers, there’s the Eagles which struggled last season and certainly there was some questions being marked, asked, about their coach and their coaching panel and their playing list and with Melbourne they’ve had a build up over a number of years to the stage where they were unfortunate or unlucky or just didn’t play well enough to make the finals last year and yet here they are still in contention and most probably are one of the form teams, along with Collingwood and Collingwood stun extremely well.

Buckley last year, everyone was calling for Buckley to go apart from I guess the inner sanctum and certainly Eddie McGuire in Collingwood, were calling for Buckley to go and they underwent a review and have a look at the change in the team this year. But they’ve had a lot of injuries but still, they have been able to go and I guess to a certain extent the injuries that they had last year have helped them this year because it’s helped other players have time in the AFL system in the firsts to develop. So now they have a depth that has got them through the final. So you have a look at the last three final, at last three of the last four teams that left in the finals this year and they’ve come from adversity 12 months ago to be here at this stage and it’s a testament to the system but as the players come through that they have played this season and got to the stage where now they are playing for the finals.