Presenter Doug Constable on AFL Grand Final, MCG Tribal Warfare

By February 18, 2019Doug Constable

We are in Melbourne at the MCG and it’s finals time again. And I remember as a youngster living over in South Yarra and coming across Paul to park and coming across to the MCG and kicking a can, a soft drinks can all the way across. In those days it was very much tribal warfare. You had two different suburbs in the VFL and you bear it for a suburb. Now you may not live in a suburb but you bear it for that team and the players played for the jumper and they would bleed for the jumper. There’s been a transition over years of this playing for the jumpers, but there is still that individual intensity and what’s happened is, as opposed to your play for your local suburb or in the country you’ve played for your local country town to where the players these days have an inbuilt intensity for themselves. And over the years we’ve seen touches of brilliance of players that would rise above the situation to force the games through.

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And I can remember being there the day, Malcolm Blight kicked that torpedo the North Melbourne in front of Carlton and when sixty meters to seventy meter to most probably now to a ninety meters torpedo pump to keep that goal and that was an individual touch of breeze at a time, when something was needed exemplifies that is Jolson one of the captain of Jalan the number of times he is just taking an upon himself to burst out of that middle and go through and whether it’s determination, will or just that inability to concede that they may be beat. And the number of games he has dragged too long across the line just with that individual business.

For the self-employed person, it needs that undying commitment to do whatever it takes to Drag his business across the line and many times it does not necessarily do what we need to do there and then on the spot, it’s doing it beforehand. You see like footballer have individual moments of grants; but the reality of it is most probably practised thousands of time and so I when that split second comes where they’ve got burst and when they have got to run around the flank and kick the torpedo at that done so many times in practice that it’s automatic to us.

And in business, that’s what we need to apply not just doing the job; but practice making the decisions and learning how to make the decisions so that when the time comes that we’re under pressure we automatically just make that decision. And so when we commit ourselves to go into business, we also commit ourselves into learning what it takes to be in business. And learning the attitudes and the personalities of people that have gone in past that have had to make those decisions. A lot of it isn’t luck, we say we’re lucky we’re in the right place at right time; certainly, there’s an element of that. But there is also a lot of recognizing the opportunity when it’s there developing ourselves at other times so that when we have to make the decisions we make it automatically.