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By December 6, 2016Doug Constable

What To Do When You Can't Pay Your Debts Doug-Constable
In my case here I was separated, divorced, had virtually nothing, driving my daughter’s car which just a few years ago had given her for her 18th birthday and sitting around waiting and then happen to have a conversation with a solicitor friend of mine who said to me “Doug you’ve got to get back in helping businesses and I said. “Yes, you’re probably right.’ But then I thought “But how do I do that?” So I phoned a colleague who helped me out with some interim work, nothing much. But then I was introduced to a client of an accountant friend of mine and helped him out. Pretty sooner I was on the way. I went from earning just $200-$300 a week to earning many times that. There was a point in time in this stage of my life where I said to myself “Enough is enough”. I needed just one bit of inspiration to get myself going again.

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There’s lesson that people treat us in a way that they are saying to them “I would be ashamed if I were in your situation.”

There’s also a significant community benefit in supporting people get back into a work or entrepreneurship mode after bankruptcy. Think of the total impact of supporting (moral support; not financial) of entrepreneurs find new meaning and energy from getting back into business, perhaps to pursue a lifelong passion that was dulled by the bankruptcy experience , or to re-experience the joy of being your own boss, after time spend working for knuckleheads.

Fortitude comes into play. Someone else’s opinion about you doesn’t need to be your reality. Because you haven’t been able to pay the tax office or another creditor does not define you as a person and so what happens with debt collectors ringing up is in a fashion akin to them trying to destroy you. That’s a very compelling reason to do some serious planning early I the piece on the question of what you’re going to do with this debt. Because all that happens is that you get inundated with these calls, you talk to your spouse, your friends and all they are doing is sinking your self-confidence and your ability to make money.

Think About Weight Loss as A Kind of Comparision

Here you are told that being obese can bring on diabetes-2 and other life-threatening conditions. It becomes such a load on your mind. The last thing you want to be doing is to focus just on your weight – the same with money. That’s all you look. All you do is worrying about how much money you’ve lost. That’s the reason and the main reason to go bankrupt quickly. If your debts are greater than the money you have, then don’t waste your future by paying back past debts. Here’s another analogy: you hop in the car and your drive down the road; you are looking at where you are going. All you do is glancing in the rear vision mirror and every now and then, to check the things behind you – the things in the past. But it’s just a glance. If you keep looking in the rear vision mirror what is going to happen. We should look in the past – nut only every now and then to make sure no one is coming up too close behind us. It’s like checking back with your past experience.

When people dwell too long on their circumstances or what they have lost it can damage their future. The very reason they went into a venture is because there was a fire in the belly. Dwell too long and the fire burns out. Once again: go bankrupt quickly before you lose that fire in your belly; before you lose that passion.

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