Doug Constable On The Best Man For The Job, Australian Government Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce Dual Citizenship

By September 8, 2017Doug Constable

The subject explained in the news at the moment is Barnaby Joyce and his dual citizenship. Now I know as an Australian citizen, that I would love to have the best people running our country – the people that make the decisions based on what is good for our country and the citizens of our country.

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And what I feel happens too often, is that the opposition, regardless of which one it is, the opposition, their way of getting into power is to pull the other people down, regardless of the job they’re doing. If they’re doing a good job or a bad job, they’ll still try to pull them down. They’ll pull little things to try and get the moral high ground in the ascendancy. And yet people in society accept that and go along and believe it. And then we turn around and we find that the opposition have got their own people that have got this dual citizenship.

And truly, isn’t it time that we grew up and started looking at what is best for our country and our people. And if Barnaby Joyce is doing a good job, regardless of whether he’s got a dual citizenship or not, let him do the good job. The people that are on the streets that are hungry, the people that can’t afford to pay their mortgage, the people that are struggling on a daily basis – they’re not concerned with whether he’s got a dual citizenship or not, they’re concerned with is he doing a good job to help their life improve.

The other thing is that Barnaby Joyce and the politicians, their main outlet is the news, and the journalists and those people that present the news. And here they are saying, “Oh, he’s got a dual citizenship.” But it hasn’t got as big of an influence. The best man for the job is the important thing. If it’s Barnaby Joyce, then it’s Barnaby Joyce, if it’s a woman then it’s a woman, if it’s a man, then it’s a man, doesn’t matter, we want the best man for the job.

And the interesting thing about that is that how it’s presented to the society, is by the journalists and the reporters on the television and on the radio, and yet we don’t question their citizenship. We’re quite happy to accept what they say, but yet there’s a person that has done nothing wrong, nothing to indicate that he hasn’t got anything but Australia’s best interests at heart, and yet we’re questioning him.

And as I said before, the people in the street, that can’t pay the bills, the people on the streets that can’t afford the can of milk to take home for the kids tonight, it doesn’t concern them. They just want someone that will help them with the policies and the things that will get Australia going and going better.

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  • JW says:

    Hey Doug, agree with you point of view. Just a minor point, it would save explaining the Man/Woman thing by just saying that you want the best “person” for the job e.g.

    The best “person” for the job is the important thing, regardless of gender. If it’s Barnaby Joyce, then it’s Barnaby Joyce.

  • brenton smith says:

    couldnt agree more Doug, I reckon 90% of the people would feel the same , but how do we arrest this decline in bi-partisanship, acting for country first , press running with ANYTHING that sells eyeballs regardless of fact and again, what is right for the country ? The Germans seem to have it right to some extent NZ had it right and Singapore had it right under Lee Kuan Yew.
    Watching our politicians play in session is a joke and embarrassing , tit for tat, name calling and laughing at point scoring like children.

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