It will be ok mental health when facing bankruptcy

By April 24, 2019Doug Constable

That’s the big issue I see with the pre-insolvency industry whether it be liquidations or bankruptcy is this whole mental health issue and there’s not enough time spent on it.


When people go bankrupt and that you know the trustees are so caught up and the industry is so caught up in sending letters out and with either threatening or intimidating terminologies that they forget that the person on the other end is going through this trauma or this difficulty and we don’t know to the extent of their mental health issues.

what it is and so I think one of my major roles as an insolvency professional is to say you’ll be ok I have been through it and I’ve come out the other end and I was okay I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of clients that have gone through it and we’ve helped them coming up the other end they’ll be okay that’s my message to you is you will be okay,  we will work through it and you’ll come out the other side be able to build your life you’ll come out to lot the other side and you’ll be able to rebuild your life and it’s just an experience you’re going through it’s not a life sentence and it doesn’t have to be a life sentence it can be the stepping stone to achieving what you want in life you