Presenter Doug Constable on Marketing and Capturing the Sale

By February 28, 2019Doug Constable

My name’s Doug Constable and I’d like to talk a little bit about marketing and marketing your business these days. And one of the things I think that we should do is have confidence in ourselves, to be able to feel the market and what it’s doing.

You know, over the last little while, one thing’s come out is the great institution of Myers or Coles Myers. How they are downsizing and how they are having to change the market. And I thought of the time when I first thought of that, well what did they expect? You go into a Myer store and you have to try and find something and what you find is that the staff are busy doing other things or there are no staffs around and there’s no one to serve you.  

And I had the experience of going into the Myers here in Melbourne, with my wife looking for a pair of shoes. We went over to the counter and she said, “Oh yes, Can I help you?” We gave the shoe and said we wanted in this size. She came out with the box and gave it to us and said, “Here, try that off” and went on to serve another client and then she went to the counter to serve someone else and they actually paid for them and here we were with a set of shoes that actually was too smaller size, so we wanted a bigger size; after and it was a good thirty minutes of walking into the store finding this and finally getting the shoes, we walked without a sale.

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And what I think is that a messy business like Myers, that’s got an undoubted number of people with marketing skills and degrees and service skills and all and yet they are missing the whole basic point of service and having someone to serve you. I think that Bunnings do quite well, they have people walking around saying can I help you and they seem to have their staff to clients right. Now maybe Myers just simply couldn’t afford more staff but they’ve got all these people that are looking that are doing Business Analysis and all that performing that have missed the basic point. And so again we get back to what I was talking about in one of my previous videos having systems in place. Quite obviously while they’ve got the advertising in the marketing of people coming in and they’ve got the management and the financial structures. They haven’t got a system in place to monitor whether the actual customer that walks in the door is being served and getting what they feel they need.