Presenter Doug Constable on Marketing. The Grass Roots: Walking into an Empty House

By February 28, 2019Doug Constable

I’ve experienced recently with marketing, is that I wanted to buy another car for my wife and we went to the car dealer and we’ve bought three previous cars from this car dealer. I rang up the Salesman and didn’t get a response. I rang the dealer again to try and speak to my seller the fellow, and about three weeks later I get a phone call back from a girl saying, “Oh Peter has moved to another department.” Peter was a salesman. “Peter’s moved to another department, that he’s rather busy at the moment, but it will get to call you in two or three days”.

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Now in the meantime, I go to another dealer and say this is my experience and that dealer turned around and had the Sales Manager ring me in half an hour. That was on Thursday and on Friday, they got me up onboard a car. Now, here these massive organisations and we all know the amount of money the car manufacture spent on advertising. And yet they are missing the simple point of having a system in place so they can monitor the performance and what they are doing is relying on the motivation of the individual at the end.

This is what I call walking into an empty house. I’ve got everything there and all the ability they provide, but they miss the basic point of communication with the person and that is the grassroots of what gets the Sale. That’s the grassroots of what had your clients to come back. And too often what we do in business we rely on emails, we rely on some other form of communication apart from front face to face and to have face to face gives us an opportunity to build a relationship with a client.

They lose that opportunity when too often we base it on the bottom line. Now, of course, we’ve got to be profitable. But the whole profit starts with making a sale. If you go to the banks and have a look at what’s going on in the Royal Commission, of course, the only way they make money is by making a sale or having the quarter to make the sale. But if we’ve got someone that we go to say that bank person is a great person they were really helpful, we’ll keep going back. And that’s where the emphasis should be. If the service isn’t there or we did get taken for granted, well then we don’t bother, we feel like we’re just another one of the pack. And that’s what these organizations are losing out on; without having the systems in place to monitor the staff to help them improve the performance.