Oh Yes The Past Can Hurt & Do It or Don’t Do It, But Don’t Try


In movies quite often there are one lines that just strike home and one of them is in The Lion King, the children’s movie. Oh yes the past can hurt, but you can either run from it or learn from it.

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And another one which is excellent, from Star Wars. Luke Skywalker is learning to be a Jedi and he is in the swamp. He crashed his plane into the swamp and the little Jedi is standing there and Luke just can’t elevate the plane out and he says “I’m trying, I’m trying Yoda, I’m trying”. And Yoda turns to Luke and says “Luke, either do or don’t do but don’t try”.

And you know if we take that philosophy into life. We have started a business at hasn’t quite worked out the way we wanted to. We owe some people money and what we can do is we can either fix it and move on and develop our life. We can do it or we can don’t do and we can cry poor, we can say it’s the government’s fault and we can say it’s everyone else’s fault. But we need to either do it or don’t do it but don’t drag it out.

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