Pre Insolvency Professional Series Having a Trustee or Liquidator You Can Work With

By April 24, 2019Doug Constable

Talking on trustees and liquidators over the years I’ve found that the most important thing is to have a trustee or a liquidator you can work with and there are many extremes should they all do the same job should they all follow the same coin, yes and they do.


however there’s different ways they can do it some trustees and liquidators and one particular trustee or liquidator that comes to mind is over 80% of the work that goes to the bank goes to this one particular trustee and liquidator and when he gets that work that one of the reasons he hits that work is because he’s very aggressive towards recovering the money very aggressive and covering his fees but he becomes very aggressive in pursuing that person because it affects his bank balance now does he get any more money back than the other trustees or Liquidators.

I don’t know but the way he goes about it compared to some of the other trustees and liquidators is a very aggressive way now that’s okay for him but if he’s dealing with someone that has gone through the trauma of losing their home losing all their assets and it’s time to re-establish their life it can be a traumatic experience and that’s where if you’ve got someone that can guide you through that process not from a legal perspective not from an accounting perspective but from an all-over perspective from a life-skills perspective then there’s people in all industries some of them have life skills some of them don’t life skills isn’t a qualification and this is quite often what is it no it’s not and quite often that’s what’s missed yeah you think about most things that you employ people or you engage people or you deal with people that have like got life skills the qualifications are secondary I’m not saying thequalifications aren’t important but this idea that the person has to be qualified to help you if they haven’t got the life skills and that extends to trustees and liquidators the thing to look for is someone that’s got the life skills certainly and I’ve got the qualifications certainly they’ll do the correct thing certainly they’ll look after the creditors and look after you and look after the compliance and everything they have to do but if they’ve got the life skills to understand what’s going on then you can have peace of mind and you can move on with your life and you can deal with the issues that come up if any issues come up and move on in that way you’ll be okay.