Pre Insolvency Professional Series Successful Businesses Out There Waiting to Happen Systems

By April 24, 2019Doug Constable

One of the things I see time and time again is that there are many successful businesses out there waiting to happen and what’s stopping them is a little thing more often than not it’s having a system I see businesses quite often that are going from crisis to crisis.


It can be a simple thing and maybe it’s quite obviously the owners personality would be one of the big runs but what they do is they they have this crisis and then they move on to the next crisis and all the time it comes back to the fact that they haven’t put a system in place one of the obvious ones is employees and payment if you have a system in place where the pays are done up to the Monday or Tuesday or whenever and then a couple of days later that got paid the people are paid the system works that’s where you leave everything up to the last minute and most probably the owner of the business the difficulty is that he’s not prepared to let go and then these other start and work that you moved from crisis to crisis to crisis and one of the things I think is most important in business is whatever you do whether you’re a one-man show or whether you’ve got a hundred employees is that you have systems in place to virtually deal with anything and if something doesn’t work and there is a crisis fix the crisis but then also fixes to say that that crisis doesn’t be and the last thing is it fascinates me the number of people that run around they were out of control and they’re in a crisis situation all the time and what we need to do to be successful in our business and in our life is balance things out that doesn’t mean to say you balance me out timelines it doesn’t mean to say it balances now money was what it does mean to say is you’ve done some out so that you feel comfortable with each area of your life and when someone says to me oh I’m going I work every night I go home and take work home with me that doesn’t tell me that they’re doing a good job that doesn’t tell me that that that’s smart what that tells me is that they’re disorganized because if you’ve got to be taking work home if all the time you’re under pressure it’s because you’re not working smart you might be putting in the hours but that doesn’t mean to say that you’re your most cost-effective and one of the things that comes up time and time again is a simple thing like bookkeeping.

why would you work at a job we where you would fifty eighty a hundred dollars an hour two hundred dollars an hour and you make big money why would you be at home at eight o’clock at night doing the books or having your wife through the books when you can get it done for fifty dollars an hour makes no sense all it does is take time away from you balancing your life and so what I’m saying is that if you’re in business start structuring so that you can have a whole life and not be under this constant pressure all the time of having to work 24 hours a day and if you sadist people I work 24 hours a day or I take work home each night or if your wife is saying oh my husband’s working tonight haven’t got more that is saying is not that you’re doing a good job all of saying is is that you’re disorganized.