Pre insolvency Professional Series The Bankruptcy Liquidation Process

By April 24, 2019Doug Constable


Because I see where clients go in to sit down with solicitors and solicitors sit there and I’ve got the problem and that purely looking at the legal perspective and they say about all the problems but they forget to say that there’s a lot of water to go under the bridge before you’re sitting before a magistrate or a judge and they’re making a determination on your issue


Sometimes trustees and liquidators are commercial other times I’ve seen trustees and liquidators and that it just vindictive do you get a letter from a trustee and a liquidator and then the consensus is that they need to put in there what the consequences of you not doing what they are asking you to do and they can put it in sometimes in very intimidating ways other times they put it in normal ways but because of your mental health or your state of mind you treated it’s intimidation and you feel guilty and you feel bad about it, yeah and I’ve seen it from that side I’ve seen it from the accounting side where accounts will say I know we’ve got a real problem and they’ll go in and they’ll tell you the consequences and the worst that can happen you