Presenter Doug Constable on Choosing a Lawyer, Choosing a Solicitor ~ The Right Talent for the Application

One of the things that happens just so often that I find is that people say “do you know a good solicitor” or they go and get their local solicitor or someone that doesn’t necessarily know about debt and insolvency. They just go find someone that is local or a nearby person.

Now certainly with debt and insolvency, it is a fairly specialised area and there are many things you can do that would help you, but the solicitor have got to know.

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One of the things I’ve found over the time that is if you got to one of the big law firms, there is a couple of things to realize. That they have a lots of resources but also you won’t necessarily get the person working on your file that you speak to.

Normally they have a senior solicitor and then that senior solicitor oversees a junior solicitor, also they normally have targets. So, in other words some companies will have a situation where they need to get $20,000 as of a client and so they don’t deal with clients where figures are less than that so they are going to charge a lot of fees.

If you guide a small solicitor what they will do is, they will handle it the best they can but they don’t know the ins and outs of insolvency and what tends to happen is that law firms have a relationship with one liquidator or one trustee and they will refer you onto those because quite often, they may get fees back. So it’s not necessary that the trustee and the liquidator is the best in your situation. It is the one that they refer to because they are getting a kickback or they are getting work back and that’s how they do it. So for me, the most important thing when you’re choosing to solicitor is to find one that is going to do job that you want.

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