Presenter Doug Constable on Depression, Business and Pre-Insolvency

By October 31, 2017Doug Constable

When you’re depressed or when you’re focused on something and it seems to me that when I sit with people, that are going through this financial hassle in business or whatever, all they start to do is focus on themselves.

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They start looking at how can I just get by, how can I exist, how can I do that and while all those things may be relevant, the bottom line is, is that we need to do something about it. And while you’re focusing on yourself and just feeling sorry for yourself, well then it’s very difficult to work your way through it.

Again, I use a business I was involved in. And there was a girl there that had been there 12 – 14 years – very established, knew all the clients, great relationship, just knew how everything worked. A new owner comes in and they didn’t get along. This owner struggled. The end result was the business was in trouble. This girl stayed there and she was loyal.

Now what are the options if you’ve got that sort of a situation. And the options were, firstly, he could sack her and end it but that wouldn’t solve the problem, because he still wasn’t getting along with people. The other thing was he could work with her and let her grow and develop, because she was good for the business. But that was a decision he was trying to make when he was feeling bad about himself and feeling like it hadn’t worked out – not the time to make that sort of decision. Now the other thing he could have done was just get to know her and one of the things that I’ve found that works very well in those sorts of situations is just to go out and have a lunch or have a chat, and not chat about the problem, but chat in general about football clubs, dogs, cats, and get to know one another. Because if you get to know one another, you’ll find that may be the problem isn’t such a big problem, and then you can start growing and working. And in that particular instant, the girl can start to understand what the owner is about and the owner can start to see from the girl’s point of view, just because they start to get to know the people.

When you’re going bankrupt or when your business is failing, it’s only natural to be depressed. That’s not the highlight of your life. And quite often, a lot of people who have been in pre-insolvency, have gone through it themselves, so they know what you’re thinking and what you’re feeling and that experience is invaluable.

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