Presenter Doug Constable on Financial Trouble – Vive La Difference Supportive Partner At Home

By April 23, 2018Doug Constable

Hi, I’m Doug Constable. And many years ago I heard a recording called ‘Vive La Difference’. And in that recording, one of the things that stuck home to me was where he said, “Behind every great man, there’s a woman. The only problem is, too often it’s not his wife.” Now, in today’s terminology, I guess what we would be saying is “Behind every successful person, there is another person. The only problem is too often it’s not his partner.”

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And whichever way we want to say it, the message is still the same: That if you have a look at the people that have achieved greatness in whatever area of life you choose, what they’ve had behind them is a network or an individual that has been their rock, that stood by them and believed in them. And this ability to have someone believe in you is so important in life.

Now we have debts, we get ourselves into little bits of trouble financially, what I see too often is that we, that other people, they play the blame game. So they tend to blame us, and say, “You shouldn’t have done this,” and “Why did you buy that,” or “You should have managed your staff differently.” All these things, instead of having belief in someone and saying, “Well you did it before, you’ll do it again.” And the difference is that when you’ve got someone to believe in you, you get up in the morning and you say, “Yes! I’m worthwhile, I’m achieving.”

I see it quite often, especially with people going bankrupt, that your partner is the one: “It’s your fault” or “You shouldn’t have done this”, “You shouldn’t have done that;” As opposed to saying: “Partner we’re in it together, let’s see how we’re going to get through it.” And working together, as opposed to spending our lives blaming.

Now that happens in all sorts of areas. I know I have a particular interest in the financial area ‘cause it’s the area I’m involved in. But with anything in life, quite often other people will make decisions that we wouldn’t necessarily do or agree with. If we’re supporting that other person, we would understand that they were making that decision based on the best information that they had. Just like we make decisions everyday, and for those people that support us, don’t even question us, they may not agree with us, but they understand that we’ve got the best interests of the unit at heart.