Presenter Doug Constable on Business Management and Managers

By February 28, 2019Doug Constable

One of the things I see quite often is where a business manager’s been appointed to a business. And while in essence, I think that’s an excellent idea; the thing to do again is to have a monitoring way to see where our business manager performs. Too often what happens is a business manager comes in and builds up the contacts and the relationships and then either goes off to another company or starts his own business and he’s got a free leg up and our business is left floundering.

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So one of the things I think a good idea with a business manager is first you don’t employ them on an open-ended contract, you employ them for a period of time six months is an ideal example that it gets renewed every six months. So that you can monitor, whether they are achieving the results that you want. Over a period of time, I found that

business owners have tended to be too reliant on a business manager. And what happens is when you’re reliant on that one business manager, if that falls over you’re left open and vulnerable. So if the business manager is where the idea is to have managers underneath and that business manager to manage the managers underneath, not to actually do the work himself because if he does all the work himself that leaves you in a great big hole as the business owner if something should happen.

And then to have a system in place where you can monitor the performance of that business manager. So, in other words, have the targets and know what he’s managing to know the relationship he’s having with the managers below and they are little systems that really you’re looking for the business manager to have in place. Not to actually manage the tasks or manage the divisions or different operations of the business. But more so, to be a guideline or a measuring stick of what the managers belong him are doing.

And that way, if the business manager should ever decide to leave and go out on his own or go to another company you’ve got the systems in place as the business owner that the business can just keep on going. At any time when you don’t feel comfortable you can say off you go and he can go and do his own thing and you can you can get the business on track the way you want it. Whereas, if it’s an open-ended thing it becomes extremely messy and that managers got a lot of power over what happens in your business and you start diminishing control.