Presenter Doug Constable on Commentators vs Opinionators AFL Football, Rex Hunt

Hi, I’m Doug Constable. And for those who know me, know I’m a passionate Carlton supporter. And what I’d like to do today is talk about commentators, and media personalities, and football.

And one of the things that’s interested me over the last couple of weeks, is that Rex Hunt who used to be really well-known, excellent football, really well-known in the media circles, came back and did a guest commentary on weekend.

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It was refreshing to listen to him commentate on the football. And it made me realise that what’s happened so much in football today, when you’re listening to it on the radio or even on TV, but more so on the radio, is that the commentators of today have got opinions, and that they’re opinionative.

Now, that’s okay. But they’re commentators, they’re not coaches. And what happens is, is they say, “We should move that person to full forwarding. Oh, If I was coaching, this is what I would be doing.” But they don’t know the inner sanctum.

And it was refreshing to listen to a commentator like Rex Hunt that actually called the football as he saw it. He didn’t have this opinion, that was based on nothing more than speculation.

And the number of times, I listen to a commentator, where he says, “Oh, I read in the paper that the player said this or the player did that.” Now that’s third and fourth hand. And so the story perpetuates, not based on the actual facts of the player, but based on the opinion of the commentator.

The thing that’s happening in football is that passion is being lost. And it’s because we’re talking about statistics and theory, and all those things. Now statistics in football are important. It’s how well the player or the coach has been able to get that move or that position or play the football.

Statistics record what they actually did. But it doesn’t cause them to do it. And so what we are finding these days, is that the statistics that one choose to be so important, like possessions is a shining example, doesn’t mean a lot, as far as winning or losing a game of football. The number of inside-50s don’t mean a lot.

And what’s happening is, is that these so-called commentators have this opinion that, “Oh they’ve had so many inside-50s!” And they’re reflecting on what actually happened, but they’re not reflecting on the flow of the game, or the ability of the players.
So it is refreshing to see, someone like Rex Hunt come and just be a commentator.