Presenter Doug Constable on The Principle of The Slight Edge


Many years ago, way back in my youth I used to be involved with a company called SMI and one of the things they had was this “Principle of the Slight Edge”. How they used to say it was that we all have talents and abilities.

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And there is a certain time in whatever we do where if we just do that little bit extra we can get a tremendous different result.

I remember back to a fellow I used to work with whose name was Mark, and Mark and his wife were having a lot of difficulties at that time. He used to say to me there’s something there’s just one word I’ve gotta say and we can turn it around and he struggled to find that one word. Ultimately he did and things worked out for him at that time. And what the principle of the slight edge is we don’t have to change much, If you’d to get it a vastly different result. In AFL football they call it a one percenters. If you take horse racing as an example. The first place horse gets a $1,000,000. The second place horse gets $750,000 and the third place horse gets $500,000. Now did the first place horse run twice the distance did it? is it twice strong? is it twice anything than the third place horse? No, sometimes it can be just the short half head. But yet the financial rewards are vastly different, Just for that slight edge and when we’re looking at our being either in financial difficulty or we’re looking at one to change our lives too often we try to change everything. When sometimes if we just change one little thing and learn one little thing and take that time to develop one little thing the rewards will be vastly different.

And again if we are facing debts and people ringing us and harassing us and all that, We tend to spend our life concentrating on how we are going to do that when, how we are going to pay them, when sometimes if we use the principle of the slide edge we can come up with something that will change our business around or change our lives around. And we will be able to pay them but we’re concentrating on what we can do to be successful and what we can do to earn money as supposed to concentrating on the harassing phone calls and the techniques that the debt collectors use to try and bully you in the pain. So remember the principle of the slight edge is very simple. Just change something in your lives. Search what you can change To earn the extra money to develop your business and to grow your business as supposed to concentrating on how you’re going to handle the debt collectors, leave that up to someone else they can sort that out for you and you go out and grow your business.

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