Presenter Doug Constable on Why use a Pre-Insolvency Professional

By August 14, 2017Doug Constable

One of the things that is topical at the moment is why use a pre-insolvency professional.Yeah of course, I’ve got a vested interest because I guess I am a pre-insolvency professional. One of the advantage of using a pre-insolvency professional is that they work for you. Now, again there are different types of pre-insolvency professional.

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One is that who try to change the documents that shall hide and manipulate situations and my suggestion to you is stay away from them. They will be under the eye of the authorities and your file will be looked at very closely. And of course, once they find one thing wrong with the file, the trustees and liquidators say “well it smells funny, so we’ll look deeper”.

You’re a lot better off using a pre-insolvency professional, firstly because they will know the liquidators and trustees that are in that neutral bracket and that’s what you are looking for, one that is working through the process, they haven’t got that aggressive nature or they haven’t got that putting careless nature.They work through the problems in a methodical and correct way. They’re the ones to look for.

So with a pre-insolvency professional, firstly they will know that that’s the topic how pre-insolvency professional looks for. One that says “alright, you’ve got a problem” and work through it.

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