How Pygmies Catch Alligators

By August 7, 2017Doug Constable

One of the things to think about is when you’re being confronted by a situation whether it be: an angry creditors, someone after you for money or someone that you disagreeing with, is what approach you are going to take. And, You can either take the oaktree approach where you stand up and you just are going to withhold it and not bend and not flex or you can take the palm tree approach where you bend and go with the wind and just go backwards and forwards and rock until the storm passes.

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One of the things to remember is, I once heard a story of how pygmies catch alligators and how accurate is. That’s a good example.

What happens is, you have got pygmies, little small people and you got these big ferocious alligators that have been around for millions of years with big teeth and giant jaws and what happen is one pygmy gets a reed, something that it can breathe through, cuts the ends off so he can breathe in and he puts it in his mouth and goes down under the water of the river. The other pygmy stays on the bank. When they see an alligator, an alligator has got very hard top skin very hard to penetrate but they have soft belly underneath. So if you try to throw a spear at it, it will just bounce off of the skin on the top. The pygmy on the bank sees the alligator and starts waving and goes “oi, oi, oi, oi, oi” and distracts the alligator and the alligator feels “woah, gee, he’s a good meal. I’m going to eat that” and he goes charging, swimming towards him at full blast, flopping his jaws, and he’s going to get it and it’s just focusing on the pygmy on the attack, how hard is he going to attack. What happens is he swims over the little pygmy with his reed, under the water with his spear and as he swims over and he just goes “bang” and thumps him in the heart.

And that’s one of the thing to remember is if you being attacked one of the techniques you can use is just accept it and take it all and look for the person’s weaknesses and they won’t be suspecting anything because they’re just attacking and quite often their weakness might be a faulty document or faulty paths or something like that or in actual fact, they’ve got pressures on them. It can be all sorts of things as their weaknesses. When you find your weakness then all you’ve got to do is get your spear and you stab them in the heart. A great story and a great example when you’re being actually attacked. Whether it be a solicitor, whether it be a bankruptcy trustee or an angry creditor at the door. Just let them go and run off at the mouth and pretty soon you’ll find that if you listen long enough, you have found their weak spot. And their weak spot may be that they’ve got kids the same as you or they barrack for the same football team, that may be their weak spot and then you can get to a stage where you can talk to them and you can negotiate with them.

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