Reputation ~ They are Seeing You Through Their Eyes, Their Experiences

By August 3, 2017Doug Constable

One of things I find is that a lot of people concern themselves the about their reputation. Now to me reputation is how other people see you. But they are seeing you through their eyes and their experiences. So what happens is if you get pulled over by the police for speeding their immediate thing is to react how other people who have been pulled over have acted and some of them have been not so nice people, so the police are on guard.

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With debt collectors that come to your door, they are used to being rejected. Not seen in a good light, embarrassing people and that’s how they go about it and that’s based on how they see you.

So one of the important things is to realise is what your character is. Because when other people see you and they see you as a reputation. They are looking at the negative.
With your character, if you know that you’ve done the right thing and you’ve got up first thing in the morning and you’ve gone out and worked and done everything you can, that’s the character that will hold you in good stead. With your character, it’s the people that know you, that know what sort of person you are. They know you as a family person, a person that goes out and works very hard, a knowledgeable person in your area of expertise and that’s the thing to hold onto. So if you’ve got someone that’s trying to ruin your reputation that’s going to ruin it from their perspective.

And quite often what we do as individuals, we try to correct that instead of accepting the “hey, we’re a good person, we’re trying our hardest. We may not have been able to pay that debt on time or may not have been able to pay it at all but that doesn’t make us a bad person that shouldn’t affect us.”

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