Success Long Term, AFL Carlton Football Club Coach Neil Craig Story

By September 8, 2017Doug Constable

Getting towards the end of the season in footy, for those that know me now, know that I follow Carlton Football Club. One of the things that I think is so important is that the path Carlton has taken over the last couple of years.

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And I would emphasise that they’re on a journey. And quite often I’d listen to the commentators on the radio, commentating that it is so important for Carlton to win one, because they won two more last year. And last weekend when they played Hawthorne, that was tremendous effort.

When you look at it, it’s just path of a progression and with all those young players in there, they will have highs and lows. Neil Craig, who is a wonderful coach and has been a mentor for a number of younger coaches, has been in Carlton for a couple of years and he’s decided to retire and get out of the hustle and bustle of football life, for a period of time.

And he’s being interviewed, “Will Carlton win another one? It’s important for them.” And he said, “It is important for them.” But what he said was, “We don’t base our success on win or loss. It’s important, but we base our progress on how we’re progressing and how we’re developing as a team.” And so, while all the outside influences may be saying it’s important to have a win and it is to those young fellows, the whole Carlton ethos is that they’re basing it on progress and developing and learning. And if we have a loss, it’s what can we learn from it.

Now, what a wonderful example that is in business, that we don’t win every time, we have losses, we have days where things don’t go well, we have days where things do go well. But if you have a look at what Carlton is doing and you have a look at the other clubs that are developing, they don’t base it on instant results, they base it on long-term progression. And so when you’re looking at your business and you have work coming in and you say, “Oh, we should be doing this or we should be doing that,” remember that you’ve got a dream and a vision and a goal in your mind and it’s a long-term progression and that’s what you should base your business decisions on, not the instant gratifications.

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