The importance of a Pre Insolvency Professional

By April 24, 2019Doug Constable


I think that one of them again using a pre-insolvency professional one of the best things that I’ve got for you is that they support you and it’s all this fear of the unknown that I find that the people that are going through financial stress I’ve gone bankrupt and while they can work through it financially and they can work through it with their family and the mental health things associated with that it’s that fear of the unknown what happens.


If I’ve got to go in for an interview with a trustee what happens if I’ve got to go to court what happens and so a pre and fold insolvency professional can help you work through that and quite often and I know in my case I’ve been through it and I know my staff so I’ve been through it so they can tell you what their experiences are like and how they handle it can they tell you and the legal process no can they tell you the accounting process no but they can be there as a support on taking away that fear of the unknown or the uncertainty of how to move forward and that’s the real value in that peace of mind that can get you through it to get so you can go off and start building your life again you