Things are never as bad as they seem, Things are never as good as they seem

By December 13, 2017Doug Constable

Things are never as bad as they seem and things are never as good as they seem. And it reminds me of a particular couple that I had, that they were living in a rented house. And they were renovating the house to stay on the street, and they wanted to keep the house. So 2 years down the road, they’re panicking, “Oh, we haven’t got the money! We’re going to lose the whole lot,” and it all goes on and on and on. And it’s doom and gloom.n

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And the husband says to me, “My wife’s going to walk out and leave me, if I lose the house.” The wife says to me, “I wish he would just settle on it, because we’d love to spend more time, and I don’t care whether we’re renting or buying.”

Looking at the problem, and looking at the worst case scenario, it’s never as bad as that. Bankruptcy isn’t as bad as what people would have you say. Bankruptcy is just the process that freeze’s you up. It’s never as good as what it is either, because bankruptcy while it freeze’s you off, of all of your past indiscretions, it also ties you down for a period of time.

So if things are so good, what can tend to happen is we become complacent, and we start to lose that ability to have the eye on the ball where we’re going. So things aren’t as good as they seem, because more often than not, there’ll be a little hiccup, or there’ll be a competitor, or there’ll be something happening. By the same token, they aren’t as bad as they seem. It’s never doom and gloom, and as long as you’ve got breath in you, you can get going again. So you’re not necessarily going to lose everything.

As soon as you start thinking of how bad things are, you’re taking your eye off what the solutions are. And as soon as you start thinking of how good things are, you take your eye off the ball and come back to the pack. So things aren’t good as they seem, things aren’t bad as they seem. And when you look at it, just look at the problem. Don’t look at it, “Oh, I’m going to be a millionaire tomorrow,” or don’t look at it “I’m going to be broke tomorrow,” – they just are as they are, and work with where you’re at.

Remember what you did that was successful, that got you where you are today, are the same sorts of things, the same attitude, that’s going to get you up there in the future. What you did in the past that was wrong, if you keep redoing them, the tendency will be to have the same problems. So if we live in the now, and not in the euphoric future or not in the doomsday past, if we live in the now, well then we’ve got a lot higher chance of achieving those goals that we want.