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Many questions can come up when struggling with finances. A few are listed below. There are many more you can view on my YouTube channel.

Should you pay fines even if they're not yours?

If you were left with a bunch of fines because a previous employee used your car, are you responsible? Actually yes, until you have the case heard in front of a magistrate. From that time you have a couple of options. Either resolve the debt or have it transferred to their rightful owner.

What is the most common reason a business fails?​

Often, businesses get into trouble because an unpaid family member is used to do the books to save money, only to prioritise family matters over the running of the business. By using an external book-keeper, you’ll take out all of the emotions from money-management and concentrate on proving the product or service that your business is all about.

What happens when you become a director and not just an investor in a family business?

Do you want to help a family member start their business – by investing some money as startup capital? Think twice before deciding to become a director as well.

Should I use more debt or credit cards to pay back a mortgage?​

We talk about what happens when you borrow money to pay debts. A lot of people in Australia buy their dream home not ever thinking about what would happen if they couldn’t pay their mortgage. But rather than offer you hardship facilities, some banks actually offer you more debt!


When does a business have too many company directors?​

Companies and partnerships sometimes get into trouble because one party may not be legally responsible for any debts that the company has incurred. Even though both directors were responsible for the day-to-day business of the company.

Can I use self managed super to pay personal and business debts?

Have you created a Self-managed Super-fund only to use the money to pay company or personal debts?  In this video we talk about how to deal with problems regarding Self Managed Superannuation Funds that are becoming more common and problematic for Australians across the country.

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