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Public Speaking

Douglas Constable, affectionately known as “Doug”, is a highly experienced business expert, who has helped his clients get through tough times for over 50 years through his business organisation Doug Constable Group.

Doug is also the author of the book “What to do When You Can’t Pay Your Debts”. In this book, Doug mentions his own experiences and covers his personal struggle during his bankruptcy, and how he dealt with it and emerged victorious from it. He provides strategies and techniques that ordinary people can use to survive and build a better financial future. Doug regularly publishes videos on his YouTube channel “Doug Constable”.

Doug has impeccable talent as a speaker and has spoken at several events, occasions and conferences. As a business speaker, Doug has the ability to communicate his success in a way that can make that special difference to your business.

He specialises in talking about topics such as . . .

  • Business Growth
  • Financial Planning
  • Corporate Governance
  • Business Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Business strategy
  • Business expansion
  • Sales, and several other business disciplines.

At several events that Doug has spoken and given presentations, he has been noted to strike the right chord with the audience. Being a people person, his speeches and presentations are engaging, thought-provoking, insightful and at the same time filled with humour. He can adapt his speech content depending on the audience at the event. His answers to the audience’s questions are clear and precise. And over the years, people who have followed his advice have been astounded by the results of implementing them.

In conclusion, being the dynamic and charismatic speaker that he is, Doug has the ability to deliver the desired information on the topic and make a lasting impact on the audience.

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