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Set The Date

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Source: The Herald Sun

“JAKE ASKS: I have read your book and love it. Using your formula I have already paid off a long-term debt. Unfortunately, my partner and I have separate finances (her choice) and I recently found out that, in the time I paid off my debt, she racked up another for twice as much. Frustrating! We both earn OK incomes (combined $200,000), but are still renting at age 37. As we have three kids, I really want to get into our own home in the next four years … how do I convince her?” Read More

The Universe Is Telling a Self-Employed Tradie

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Source: The Herald Sun

“The universe is telling a self-employed tradie, caught in a debt trap, to start looking for a regular job, writes Barefoot Investor”

Doug Constable Replies: It is easy to say that, “To start looking for a regular job”, but to me I would think that someone that is self employed, is self employed because they want to be self employed
And maybe they should start learning what really does self-employed means as opposed to looking for another job
The freedom, opportunity and the strain dream of having a growing business is always there,and if I am not making enough money, most probably they need to go out and work out how to make more money as a tradesman as their own business as opposed to just be in a rut to be looking for a job
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Debt Resolution Rescue, Doug Constable Responds to Liam Mannix: The Age: Riches to rags: A family made homeless from a credit card debt

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Doug Constable,The Age National Logo

Doug Constable, Response

The Age National

13 April, 2016

The Age recently ran the heart-breaking story of Aaron Szepesvary and his family who lost everything and were forcibly evicted from their suburban Melbourne home, all over an unpaid $20,000 credit card debt.

You can read the original article here:

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Doug Constable Responds to Sarah Danckert: Sunday Morning Herald: Caution over bankruptcy and insolvency law changes

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Sarah Danckert, Reporter

Sydney Morning Herald

8 December, 2015


Alleged union fraudsters such as Kathy Jackson and the heads of some of Australia’s largest collapsed financiers could be key beneficiaries of reforms to bankruptcy laws proposed by the Turnbull government.

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RE: Exploitative Gouging Stand Over Tactics of Randal Glennon of Three Wise Men, Response to Cameron Houston and Chris Vedelago article SMH Sydney Morning Herald

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How to Not Pay Your Debts author, Doug Constable, in debt again



  • This headline assertion is false and misleading. Doug was not in debt.
  • Randal Glennon and his company Three Wise Men were paid.
  • The title of the book is now “What to do When You Can’t Pay Your Debts”.
  • An invoice issued by Randal Glennon, director at Three Wise Men Communications Pty Ltd, totalled $18,000. See 50% invoice pdf.
  • The Randal Glennon Three Wise Men $18,000 invoice was for a marketing campaign including website and email marketing to generate leads.
  • Randal Glennon’s $18,000 invoice was exploitative and gouging as it failed to deliver on contractual obligations.
  • Randal Glennon’s invoice was extremely overpriced, extremely under-delivered, unreasonable, exploitative, a gouge, unfair and un-Australian.
  • As a result it is Randal Glennon and Three Wise Men Communications Pty Ltd that is in debt for work owed.
  • Randal of Three Wise Men is expected to repay the sum.

June 28, 2015



  • Cameron Houston and Chris Vedelago have written this article in a biased and distasteful way.

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