The top is that is the only option open to the industry you can’t have an option that’s controlled by a thoracic or any other body because they are part of it and if you had them have an inquiry or that. That will be orchestrated towards their interest not the interests of everyone and the only way to do it is to have an independent commission that looks at everybody’s interests and the advantage of a Royal Commission over a lot of the other things is that it’s not just people that are good at writing that can give detailed solutions that can spend 50 or 100 thousand dollars on a submission to the enquiring body to put.

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It up it’s ordinary people talking about their experiences and what really matters, and really that’s what the government’s there for to govern for All people an ordinary people. And lots of these people can’t afford the money that’s required to put in a detailed submission and so the advantage of a Royal Commission is that they can incorporate. They can call anyone that’s the can write in and say I’ve got a story and this is my point and they can take. A section of the community that’s a lot broader than any other specific sections.